Coloring for Your Kids

A big thank you to the wonderfully talented Emily Hurst Pritchett for converting some of the illustrations from Hector the Inspector into coloring pages to share with the readers!

Hector Coloring Page 1
Hector feels like a pretty normal kid, except for his rather red hair.  None of his friends have rather red hair.  And, really, what is normal, anyway?
Hector Coloring Page 2
Remember back when we weren’t social distancing? For some people all that hustle and bustle was fun. For others? It was overwhelming. This means that our current social distancing situation is really hard for some and a welcome break for others. There is no right or wrong way to feel about it, it just is what it is to each of us. Hector probably doesn’t mind the break very much, though he probably does worry about the people getting sick.

Do your kids miss the crowds and busy-ness, or are they appreciating the slower pace?

Hector Coloring Page 3
Hector musters the courage to face the world because of the support, love, and wisdom of his mother. Moms and dads, never underestimate your influence and importance.
Hector Coloring Page 4
As a shy, introverted kid myself, I found my imagination to be a mostly comfortable place.

As a parent, I’ve found my children’s imaginations to be both entertaining, enriching, and challenging. Have you ever had to convince a three-year-old that she couldn’t actually fly but was, in reality, merely jumping off the furniture and falling with style? That bubble had to be burst before she tried falling with style out a window. It took a while.

Hector Coloring Page 5
What are your kids doing that helps them feel like they can conquer their hard stuff?