Almost exactly two years ago, I woke from a dead, dreamless sleep with a picture of a little red-headed boy wearing a too-big trench coat and the words “Hector the Inspector and the Quest for Kindness” taking up all of the little brain space I have left.  I instantly knew who Hector was as a character.  Initially, I was going to go back to sleep and think about it later, but I couldn’t.  So I picked up a pen and some paper and wrote down that first title (which, by the by, is now my second title).  More titles flowed unexpectedly out of my pen, and, by the time I was finished, I realized I had a children’s book series in my hands.  Huh.  That was totally unexpected.

After spending some time researching the ins and outs of various publishing options, I decided to go the self-publishing route and incorporated as  Probity Publishing Ltd.  Why self-publishing?  Best answer:  I’m a control freak?  Even if I got picked up by a “real” publisher, I would likely have to do all of my own marketing anyway?  Both?  Yeah, probably a little of both.

One benefit of self-publishing is that I got to choose the illustrator.  I had a very specific picture of Hector in my mind from the outset, and Emily Hurst Pritchett has captured him wonderfully.

I hope you enjoy following Hector’s journey as he works to overcome the sometimes overwhelming things around him by looking for the good in the world.

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