I Will Never Claim to be Perfect

One of the most frightening things to me about publishing my Hector books, other than the self-promotion aspect of marketing them, is that I am not perfect.

The second book, Hector the Inspector and the Quest for Kindness is now available, but guess what?  I’m not always kind.  I know this about myself.  Do I try to be kind?  Yes.  Do I want to be kind?  Absolutely!  But I don’t always succeed.  So does writing a book about kindness make my a hypocrite?  I don’t think so.  I hope not.

Anybody who is truly honest and able to live outside the realm of delusion knows he or she is not perfect.  None of us are.  Some don’t seem to be trying sometimes (wait?  is that mean to say?), but even those who are trying their hardest will fall short, sometimes desperately short.  I know I have.  I can pull many memories to the forefront of my mind of times that I was unkind.  I let frustration or anger get the best of me, or I was looking for humor in a difficult situation.  And, for me?  Mean humor comes way more easily than I’d like.  Some of these memories fill me with regret.  Some don’t fill me with regret maybe as much as they should.  I’m not perfect.

As Hector (hopefully) continues his journey on the pages of books to come, he will be looking for the good in the world by searching for a variety of positive character traits.  I do not now, nor will I ever, claim to have perfected any of them.   I merely claim to be striving to perfect them, as I’m sure you are.

For now, let’s all go on our own Quests for Kindness, but let’s go together.

What is one thing you can do, or have been doing, in an effort to be more kind or find more kindness in the world?

5 thoughts on “I Will Never Claim to be Perfect

  1. I try to share something positive, encouraging, or funny every day on social media. It’s a small, silly thing but it’s my way of battling negativity.

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    1. I love that! We don’t socialize in person to argue about politics, we do it to have fun and lift each other, so why don’t more people do the same on social media? I very much appreciate those who do use social media to be positive, encouraging, and fun!


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