Life is a Journey of Lessons

This morning, as I was drying my hair, I noticed the whole process was taking longer than normal, and the hair dryer was smelling a bit hot.

So I stopped drying my hair to examine the lint trap portion of the appliance, as one does.

Finding copious amounts of lint clogging the airflow, I took the end piece off and blew as much of the lint out as possible, as one does.

Naturally, this left about 99% of the lint still firmly attached to the bits of my hair dryer, so I then grabbed my tweezers and started picking the stuck fluff out, again, as one does.

This is a slow and tedious process, so I cast my eyes about in frustration, as. one. does.

This is when I noticed my nail brush sitting on the vanity counter and thought, “Wait a minute . . . maybe THAT’S what one does!”

A few swipes of my nail brush and about 10 seconds later, and I was left wondering how I ever graduated puberty. Apparently, that really is what one does.

I’m sharing this story in case you, too, have spent decades cleaning out hair dryer lint with tweezers. There is a better way. Nobody ever shared that much needed knowledge with me, so I thought it would be kind to share it with you, just in case.

I’m also sharing this story because, though you probably haven’t spent decades cleaning out hair dryer lint with tweezers, you’ve probably had some other ah-ha moment in your life that left you with secret embarrassment and shame because the “ah-ha” was drowned out by the “duh!”

Ignore the “duh!” Learn to laugh at the “duh!” Revel in the “ah-ha!” Life would be so boring without the ah-ha moments, and it really doesn’t matter if you’ve been picking out hair dryer lint with tweezers for decades. What matters is that now you know better, and when you know better you do better.

I mean, at least, when you know better you can do better. Life is kind of wasted if you keep on picking at the lint with tweezers, isn’t it?

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